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Es gibt in diesem Verzeichnis 1 Buch, die mit dem Buchstaben C beginnen.

Change Of Heart
Sprache: ‎ Englisch
Herausgeber: ‎ Custard Books
Taschenbuch: ‎ 306 Seiten
ISBN-10: ‎ 1912019167
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1912019168

When Erin Stewart hires a fake date for her parents’ anniversary party, she gets more than she bargained for. First, she snags Steph Mitchell, a professional actor with a side order of drop-dead gorgeous. Second, she runs into a brick wall of family tension. Deep breaths; it’s only five days. Plus, with Steph’s help, she can totally get through it, right? Only, Erin doesn’t expect the fake romance with the charming Steph to feel so incredibly real. She also doesn’t predict their sizzling attraction will spiral out of control, with dizzying consequences for everyone. Is Steph Erin’s destiny, or will she be her downfall? Get ready for a cracking romance studded with undeniable desire, an off-the-charts first kiss and lashings of family drama, all set against the cinematic backdrop of the Scottish Highlands. Clare Lydon is the queen of British romantic comedies, and this story is guaranteed to leave you breathless.